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Gold, diamond-leafed Gaiser PCs might just bring Marie Antoinette back from the grave

Laura June

Don't get us wrong -- we're all in favor of purposeless, ostentatious, and classless displays of wealth -- but we prefer it to be a little less... tacky? German manufacturer High End PCs have the high end part down pat -- they'll dip your desktop in all manners of gold (up to 24 karat!), cubic zirconia and of course, diamonds. Now, we don't have any specs on these puppies -- though we suspect performance is beside the point. Our only real qualm with the product is that it looks like a Kleenex box from Don Johnson's bathroom in 1986. But, if you have a stack of money hanging around and you just can't be bothered to think of really awesome things to do with it, Gaiser's PCs start from about $8,000 and run up to around $33,000.

[Via Oh! Gizmo]

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