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Lou Castle talks leaving EA for InstantAction

Justin McElroy

Even if Lou Castle's name isn't familiar to you, the franchises he's attached to certainly will be. Not only was he instrumental in EA's Boom Blox, the dude founded Westwood and was the driving force behind Command & Conquer. Now, Castle's left EA behind to run InstantAction, the browser-based portal that Castle says is at the vanguard of the industry's future, thanks to their experience with web development and social networking.

"So I had an opportunity to join a company that was already proficient in the parts I frankly don't have as much experience with," Castle explained to IndustryGamers. Of course, I have a lot of experience making products, and the company I'm joining has a lot of eager and talented people that could really use somebody with a little bit more experience."

Castle was most recently tied to now-closed EA Blueprint, built around the development of smaller, more social games. InstantAction said that, besides Castle's years of experience, they were mainly paying for the coolness of his name, which sounds like it would be perfect for a hardboiled newspaper editor that moonlights as a private dick with fists of steel and a nose for trouble. Can't say as we blame them.

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