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High end Onkyo fans in Japan get Integra DTR-70.1, DTR-50.1 and DTR-40.1 receivers

Steven Kim

Just in case its home market was feeling a bit jealous over the US release of the TX-NR807 and TX-SR707 AVRs, Onkyo Japan has brought the DTR-70.1, DTR-50.1 and DTR-40.1 receivers to its Integra lineup. The 250-, 230-, and 190-Watt ratings in the PR need some extra salt, as they're "6-Ohm, 1-channel driven" specs. That said, Onkyo receivers haven't been known to run out of gas; we just wish the specs had a little more real-world applicability. On a happier note, the DTR-70.1 and DTR-50.1 feature Reon HQV video processing and ISF calibration, and all three models get Dolby ProLogic IIz and Audyssey DSX surround processing in addition to network streaming capabilities from the "mere" Onkyo line. If you're waiting for the stateside arrival of these AVRs, there's much more info to be teased out of the machine translations below.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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