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WoW Moviewatch: Warriors Dance


After the good Baron Soosdon worked with Olibith on Never Stay Tuned 4, he continued to chase an interesting idea. Warriors Dance is the result of that idea. According to the Baron's description of Warriors Dance, the dance club Shortchange was created after the liberation of the gnomish people from the traitorous Alliance. However, things get a little different by the end of opening night.

Baron Soosdon has created another entertaining, fun location, though this one is wildly different from the paradise he put together for Happy Up Here. I think if the Shortchange were an actual, functioning dance space is Azeroth, you could probably find dozens of Alliance jostling to get in.

I continue to be amazed at how well Soosdon pieces his musical choice together with the video he puts on screen. The rhythm, words, and general vibe of the music matches the thriving, vibrant graphics. Ultimately, this video was awesome, and is going to be one I replay frequently.

In case the embedded video doesn't work out for you, you can check out a few different streams on the Baron's blog.

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