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Dragon Age bonuses free in new copies, sold separately if you buy used


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Though EA detailed its Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition nearly a month ago to retail sites, the company is just now "officially" revealing the package. In doing so, it divulged some interesting details about the digital extras included in all copies of the game. Those buying Dragon Age: Origins (any edition) brand new will receive a free code to download "The Stone Prisoner," along with a "suit of Dragon Age-themed armor that can be used in Dragon Age: Origins as well as in Mass Effect 2."

According to EA's press release, "The Stone Prisoner" will consist of "new environments, items, and hours of additional gameplay," and the titular stone golem that you'll be able to add to your party in-game. For those of you not purchasing the game new, EA is offering "The Stone Prisoner" as a standalone DLC pack for $15 -- a dollar amount that makes the similarly bundled Gears of War 2's Flashback Map Pack price look like milk money. Then again, who can say no to a stone golem? It looks like we're picking up the game new when it launches on November 3.

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