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One Shots: Hope you had a BPO for that ammo

We've got to hand it to B., the submitter of today's EVE Online One Shots. Why? Because the extremely cool looking explosion in deadspace you see above is owing to a very large chunk of ammo being used to blow the station up. That's some dedication in the quest for a cool-looking EVE Online screen shot! Here's what B. had to say: The EVE Online explosive animations are awesome! Yesterday, I went into a deadspace complex and blew up some ships. The explosion you see, is a destroyed battle station of the Blood Raiders. It took me 20 minutes to destroy it, wasting 3000 heavy missiles, because the drops were bad. I [found] this [to be] a really cool screen shot because of the impressive EM force fields, the clouds, and the ruins at the bottom. A lot of times playing/achieving something in EVE takes a lot of time. Sometimes your patience is rewarded with rare loot or a big boom!

Have you done something completely crazy in the name of getting an exceptional screen shot? If so, we want to see that image and hear your tales. Just email them in to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a description. We'll post it up here for everyone to gawk at - your craziness preserved for all (internet) time!

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