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WoW Moviewatch: Million Miles From Home


According to Baron Soosdon, the creator of Million Miles From Home, this movie has been sitting on his hard drive since Spring last year. It had been intended to be sure for Olibith's Never Stay Tuned series. However, as is often the case with things like this, the good Baron lost interest in the piece. He wandered off to more engaging pastures. He's finally decided to release the piece as is, even though it doesn't meet all of his current standards for Soosdon machinima.

I think the sad story of Million Miles From Home and its creation is kind of a shame, because this snippet has captured my imagination like few other videos. I adore the retro sci-fi feel of a pink-haired Gnome and friend zooming through space on a pair of rocket mounts. It tugs on my heart-strings and sense of child-like wonder, and I find myself rooting for the two characters with a feeling of glee and expectation. I don't know how it would end if Baron had decided to finish his work on the video, but I can't help but speculate.

The Baron does say his protagonists will likely come back around in the future, and I hope they maintain the same sense of excitement and exploration. For all that Million Miles From Home may be unfinished, it totally won my heart.

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