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CourseSmart releases eTextbook reader for iPhone


We have no idea who would choose an iPhone app over a real, honest-to-goodness textbook, but if you really want to spend marathon cram sessions hunched over a 3.5-inch display, a company called CourseSmart has just made its entire catalog available for viewing with its eTextbooks app. Certainly, it seems that the company's selection is nothing to sneeze at -- electronic access to over 7,000 titles from 12 publishers -- so if you're already using the service, additional on-the-go access to the books (as well as the handy search, notes, and bookmarks) might prove quite worthwhile. Keep in mind that you're not actually downloading the books -- so your mileage will vary, depending on the quality of your Internet connection. Maybe this device is actually marketed to students who need a helping hand (or, in this case, handheld) during finals? Regardless, this is further evidence that the electronic textbook market is one to keep an eye on -- if only someone could figure out how to do it right. Now, if you'll excuse us, we'd like to get back to Knife Music. Video after the break.

[Via PC World]

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