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High Voltage licenses Infernal Engine for-ev-er

Justin McElroy

Talk about your long-term commitments. The Conduit developer High Voltage Software has just entered into a lifetime agreement with Terminal Reality to use the company's Infernal Engine (right, that's the one that makes Ghostbusters run). High Voltage hasn't really been a force on PS3 or 360 yet, so we're wondering if the move was prompted by slow sales on its last Wii outing (which, you may remember, ran on its own Quantum3 engine).

"By incorporating some of the best PS3/360 technology, we are able to really push the envelope with our next wave of titles," Kerry J. Ganofsky, founder of High Voltage, said in the release. In related news, isn't Infernal Engine the best name for an engine ever? We're pretty sure it is.

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