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ZGrip iPhone Jr. available August 15th

Dave Caolo tempted TUAW readers in early July with news about Zacuto's ZGrip iPhone Pro, a handy (no pun intended) articulated grip for taking steadier video with the iPhone 3GS. While the US$295 price tag was a bit out of the realm of possibility for all but well-heeled iPhone geeks, there was a tantalizing bit of news at the end of the post stating that a "low-cost consumer version" would soon be released.

That news was very accurate, as you'll be able to buy the US$69 ZGrip iPhone Jr. starting this Saturday, August 15th. While it doesn't offer all of the features of the Pro model such as the rotating grip head, it holds an iPhone 3GS securely in a set of fingers, has a handle grip to steady your hold on the device, features an accessory mount on top for a light, and even has a standard mount on the bottom of the handle for attaching your iPhone to a tripod. Check out the video in the 2nd half of the post for details and a look at an early production model of the ZGrip iPhone Jr.

If you pre-order the ZGrip iPhone Jr. before Saturday, you can take another US$10 off of the purchase price. If you're still not tempted to buy one, what's your favorite way of keeping your iPhone 3GS steady while you're shooting video? Leave a comment below.

Here's the video:

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