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Champions Online NDA has dropped

James Egan

Champions Online closed beta testers, please observe a moment of silence for your now-deleted characters. They died yesterday as part of the server wipe to make the world a better place for open beta, which kicks off today. The biggest news here is that the NDA is now lifted, and we're expecting there will be a flood of impressions about Champions Online in the coming days from people who've spent time in the game.

The Cryptic Studios superhero MMO will enter open beta today at 10 a.m. PDT, and will last through August 24th at 10 a.m. PDT. Barring unforeseen technical issues, daily server downtime is scheduled from 1 a.m. PDT - 3 a.m. PDT. Aside from that, open beta testers have a solid week of gameplay ahead of them.

Also, those of you who've pre-ordered and are in the Early Start Program will get to play the official release in advance of the Champions Online launch on September 1st. The Early Start Program will let these players join in a special world event where enemies will drop unique items.

Not that many of you haven't done so already, but now it's "officially OK" to let us know -- what do you think of Champions Online?


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