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Philips' Android-powered V900 for China Mobile shown off as OMS launch draws near

Chris Ziegler

In China, excited about Android, and finding yourself a bit let down by Dell's first smartphone outing? Chin up, kid -- maybe Philips has your number. The company already has an established Asian phone business with its Xenium line of ridiculously energy-efficient handsets, and as suspected, it turns out it'll be one of China Mobile's launch partners as it kicks off its Android-based Open Mobile System next month alongside Lenovo, Dell, and HTC subsidiary Dopod. What you're looking at here is the V900, and like all OMS devices, it runs a highly customized Android build that's taken on a vaguely iPhone-esque appearance; other features include WiFi, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and -- if you squint really hard -- the momentary believe that you're actually holding a Touch Diamond2. Looks-wise, we think we prefer every other OMS launch phone, but it's good to see that there'll be plenty of options on the shelves.

[Via HTC Phones, thanks Micah]

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