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Rumorang: Retailer promotes 'new exciting PlayStation 3'


Above: Front-page Kmart ad

A banner ad on KMart's website has reportedly promoted a "new exciting Playstation 3," along with a price cut for old and boring models (see: millions of concurring rumors). The Kmart ad is sure to contribute to the ongoing frenzy of speculation surrounding Sony's upcoming press conference at GamesCom -- well, probably. That's just speculation on our part.

In addition, Kotaku claims to have received a promotional poster meant for retailer FYE. It also suggests that the 80GB PlayStation 3 will have its price reduced to $299.99, while the Uncharted 160GB bundle will be trimmed to $399.99.

Update: A slightly different promotional ad (seen above) is now up on Kmart's front page.

Source - Kotaku
Source - Kmart

[Via Engadget]

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