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Molyneux announces Fable III at GamesCom, coming 2010 [update]


Peter Molyneux has just announced Fable III is coming later in 2010. You'll play as the son or daughter of your Fable II hero and start a revolution to become the ruler of Albion. We'll update with more details soon. He's just dropping so much info right now. Be back soon!

Update: Added details after the break.

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  • Molyneux teases: "I think there's something fundamentally wrong with role-playing games. Game like Fable ... it's been there since the early '80s." Won't say what he thinks it is yet. Will announce later.
  • "The race for the crown has begun." Tagline spoken by Zoe Wanamaker/Narrator.
  • Game takes place about 50 years after the first. You play as the child of the hero. Bowerstone has continued moving on and has become quite industrial. The game is not just about Albion this time.
  • Half the game will be spent trying to ascend to power. The game will not turn into a micromanagement RTS after that point. Judgment and Touch system will be used to influence the world.
  • Focus on story and drama in this iteration. Actors and writers have blocked entire scenes. Video shown of practice sessions.
  • Asks what type of kingdom will you have: poverty/greed, tyranny/compassion, progress/tradition?
  • On the way to the crown, players will make deals and promises to factions. The question is whether people will keep those promises once they're in power.
  • Players are a hero ruler -- Molyneux used the example of Star Trek or Caesar, that players won't just be sitting around once they rule Albion. They will still have adventures.
  • New gameplay mechanic: Judgment and Touch. Judgment allows the player to dictate the outcome of a situation. The example used was a girl who steals food is brought in front of the ruler. The player can judge her immediately or investigate. Touch will allow players to grab NPCs. Example used was running into a burning building to grab a child who wouldn't come otherwise. Now you can shake someone's hand or refuse to. Handshake leads to hug, to embrace, a "snog," and as for that last one, Molyneux "won't say where it'll lead." This will replace the expression system.

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