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HP Mini 1000 hacked into touchscreen tablet


As all you compulsive modders and gadget freaks know, there aren't too many devices that a well-applied touchscreen kit won't make even better. And while there's nothing really earth shattering about a homebrew HP Mini 1000 tablet, we don't see too many of them. As with many a similar hack, things are pretty straightforward: remove the keyboard, cram in some components (actually, the term this guy uses is "squeeze") and then fit the shell back together. Oh yeah, he'll need to cut a hole in the shell for the touchscreen itself, as soon as he gets the actual touchscreen in the mail. Did we mention that he'll be laser cutting the window for the display, the webcam, and the speakers at his school? Regardless, he gets into all that (and more) at the myHPmini forums -- be sure to hit the read link for some of that action. Who knows, maybe you'll even be inspired to embark on a similar project yourself. But first, check the video after the break.

[Via SlashGear]

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