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Lego Rock Band DS is peripheral-free


Warner Bros. has finally revealed the first screenshots and information about the mysterious DS version of Lego Rock Band. Unlike its DS Guitar Hero counterparts, Lego Rock Band doesn't make use of any peripherals beyond the standard DS stylus. Instead, it's an experience similar to Rock Band Unplugged on the PSP, also developed by Backbone -- in which players use the buttons to hit notes, switching between instrumental tracks throughout the song. This is wonderful news for those of us who loved Frequency and Amplitude.

The major differences between Lego and Unplugged include, of course, the Lego styling and character building options, as well as the ability to hit notes using either buttons or the stylus. Lego Rock Band includes multiplayer for up to four people, and will be out Holiday 2009 along with the other platform versions. Check after the break for the first known tracks!

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Confirmed tracks:

  • Kaiser Chiefs: "Ruby"
  • The Automatic: "Monster"
  • Ray Parker Jr.: "Ghostbusters"
  • Tom Petty: "Free Fallin'"
  • Jackson 5: "I Want You Back"
  • Vampire Weekend: "A-Punk"
  • Blur: "Song 2"
  • Carl Douglas: "Kung Fu Fighting"
  • Europe: "The Final Countdown"
  • Good Charlotte: "Girls & Boys"
  • Pink: "So What"
  • Counting Crows: "Accidentally in Love"
  • Sum 41: "In Too Deep"

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