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Nagano Japan shows off yet another contactless charging system


It's been little over a month since Showa Aircraft demonstrated a contactless charging system that boasts 90% efficiency over a distance of 60 centimeters -- and now what is this? Nagano Japan Radio Co Ltd. is touting a similar system that works up to one meter, with a pretty incredible 95% efficiency at a distance of 40 centimeters. According to Tech-On, the company is currently hard at work trying to ramp the output up from "several tens" of watts to several kilowatts. As opposed to Showa's recent outing (which relies on electromagnetic induction), this system uses magnetic resonance to achieve its effect. However, as this method "drastically lowers" its efficiency when the position of the sending and receiving units are displaced, the team designed a system that automatically detects coil displacement and reorients itself accordingly. The company hopes to someday charge electronic vehicles with the thing, although we'd be happy if it merely enabled us to stow our WildCharge pads out of sight. They seriously clash with the decor here at Engadget HQ.

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