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Star Trek Online featured on the cover of PC Gamer

Kyle Horner

We've got to hand it to Cryptic for putting fake censor strips on these images of the new PC Gamer Star Trek Online cover. They really had us fooled for a while.

It wasn't until we finally saw an official image of the cover, sans censorship, that it became apparent we'd been duped. Of course, this particular image had something to do with our initial suspicion. Unless you're the type of person who claims to have an affinity for forward torpedo bays.

If you're interested in getting a copy of the magazine, you'll be happy to know official forum goers have reported that it comes with both a double-sided poster along and -- we're assuming here -- some decent information concerning the game itself. We'll have to see about tracking down a copy and reporting any potentially new information. Although, we're not really sure who to gift our poster to, since we don't know any 14 year-old boys in dire need of wall art.

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