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GamesCom 09: Frogster and Runewaker are up to something

Along with all the news coming out of GamesCom this last week is one interesting tidbit that may have been overlooked in some circles. It would appear that the partnership behind Runes of Magic - Runewaker Entertainment and Frogster Interactive - have decided that they're going to take another leap of faith together and develop an all new "next generation" MMO. According to the release this new title is "aimed to set new standards in design, technology, features and sheer dimension."

What's it about? Where is it set? Will it be Free-to-Play like Runes of Magic is? Honestly, we haven't the vaguest idea, and they're not falling for our usual intelligence-gathering tricks either. All they've announced at this point is the partnership granting full worldwide publishing rights (except Taiwan) to Frogster Interactive, and that whatever this shiny new IP is will release in 2013. Let the speculation begin in 3, 2, 1...

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