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ESRB: 2K Games making point-and-click 'Axel and Pixel' for Xbox 360 [update]

Justin McElroy

An OFLC listing spotted by superannuation and a similar ESRB listing (pictured above) point to a new point-and-click adventure called "Axel and Pixel" being developed by 2K Czech, the studio behind Mafia II [Update: 2K was kind enough to clarify that the game is being made by another Czech dev called Silver Wish Games.] According to the ESRB (which rates the game "E for Everyone"), players will "guide an artist and his dog through surreal and abstract environments." The game apparently presents environment puzzles that involve "redirecting a ray of light, throwing rocks at birds, and spraying water at a creature."

Unlike the OFLC listing, the ESRB entry indicates only the Xbox 360 as a platform, so it would seem that the game is exclusive to Microsoft's console (and a potential candidate for XBLA), at least for the moment.

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