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Sony: PS3 price cut not due to 'market conditions,' more social networking features on the way

Though the world economy is crumbling faster than a three-year-old sugar cookie lying on the floor of a jam-packed mosh pit, the recent cheapening of the PS3 shouldn't be attributed to current market conditions. Don't believe us? Perhaps you'll pay heed to the words of SCEE president Andrew House, who explained, "We are aware that consumers are watching their euros and pounds more carefully than before," but later added, "it would not be fair to say [the PS3 price cut] is a reaction to current market conditions." See? We told you.

This quote came in the middle of an interview with Financial Times -- an interview in which House would later mention that Sony is planning on implementing additional "social networking features" into the platform. Financial Times' write-up mentions a possible "tie-up with popular sites such as Facebook," but heck -- we'd be content with just being able to, y'know, talk to each other regardless of what games we're playing.

[Via Edge Online]

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