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This Wednesday: The NBA drafts the Watchmen on XBLA [update]


Update: Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao is also releasing this week.

This week, we're officially jumping straight from the Summer of Arcade into the winter of our discontent with ho-hum XBLA releases. Don't get us wrong -- we have nothing against basketball, but NBA 2K10 Draft Combine (400 / $5), which lets those who purchase it build and train a player for use in October's NBA 2K10, ain't exactly Shadow Complex. Its title does makes it sound like the NBA is going to draft the bad guys from Half-Life 2, though, which we'd totally pay to see.

So, that's about it -- oh, that's right, there's another Arcade release this week. It's part two of Watchmen: The End is Nigh, the movie tie-in beat-'em-up best known for exposing those who've played it to near-lethal levels of boredom. If you really, really love Watchmen and really, really don't mind the liberties this game takes with the license, it can be yours for 1200 ($15). Wow, really? Actually, if you simply must have the game, it's been available on disc along with part one since late last month ... for $20 on Amazon.

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