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Aperion Audio's Intimus 4BP speakers surround you discreetly

Steven Kim

Whether you like your surround speakers in monopolar, bipolar, or dipolar flavor, there's no disputing the fact that you need real surround channels to get the full theater effect. The problem is that they need space in your room, and if you opt for something other than a monopole, they tend to get creep towards "eyesore" territory. Internet retailer Aperion Audio has dished up its 4BP bipolar surrounds for just such cases -- measuring only 5x12.5x5.8-inches, it's about as small as you'll get for a bipolar design, and Aperion crammed a pair of 1-inch silk tweeters and a 4-inch mid/woof into the small breadbox of a speaker. Pity it couldn't fit a bipole/dipole switch in there, but at $199 each and good-looking to boot, it's hard to complain. Our advice -- if you're holding out for a small surround speaker, downplay the "monopole/bipole for music, dipole for theater" wisdom and consider giving these an audition and get going with surround sound!

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