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Nearly 20min worth of SWTOR gameplay video

Kyle Horner

If nearly 20 minutes of Star Wars: The Old Republic gameplay footage narrated by BioWare developers themselves is the kind of thing you get excited about, then today is a very exciting day for the both of us.

IGN is hosting the video that's so huge it comes in four parts. Here's where it gets awesome: It'll show you lengthy gameplay for the Bounty Hunter, Smuggler and Sith Warrior classes in addition to some of the game's planets. Plus, BioWare gives you something of a director's commentary of what's happening with each of the classes. In effect, it's almost pure nerdnip.

Even at almost 20 minutes long, we found ourselves feeling like it all went by far too quickly and there's a definite possibility we may re-watch it again. That seems like a good sign of things to come, at least for BioWare and not so much for our social lives. Check out all four videos after the break.

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