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PS3 motion games: Dual wanding not required


Did Dirty Harry ever need a second Model 29 to mop up the streets? No sir. Likewise, you'll get by just fine with one PS3 motion controller on your person. "We are approaching the launch [of the PlayStation motion controller] by making sure that all games that we create can be played with one controller and the camera," Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida assured penny-pinching purchasers during a recent interview with Eurogamer.

Of course, adding a second motion controller to your loadout could really make the magic happen: "It's like putting your arms into the TV, like a gaming space, and you have total control of the 3D space in front of you," Yoshida described of the experience of dual wanding.

Woah. Did anyone else just feel that? For a second there we were totally transported into the fourth dimension.

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