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Latest Hitachi LCDs & plasmas take all the thrill out of the Wooo


Look here Hitachi, according to our extensive community college experience "Wooo" is always an indicator of a good time to be had by all, new experiences, possible overnight police station stays and most recently, UWB wireless shenanigans, super slim HDTVs or other examples of display imagination. Following that trend from your Japanese arm, these 5 spec bumped models of XP035 series plasmas (42-, 46- and 50-inch, pictured) and XP35 LCDs (42- and 47-inch) don't quite live up to the name, while spec bumps over last year's edition with thorough DLNA and DTCP-IP support and 500GB hard drives with iVDR slots to add even more space might impress some, we've come to expect more. Come 2010, we're looking for super resolution or something else you haven't done before, don't let us down this time. Click through for even more detailed prices and specs, we'll be in the corner checking our CES reservations one more time.

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