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Rumor has AT&T's Heron and Sawgrass from Moto canceled, but something's amiss

Chris Ziegler

Industry analyst Tero Kuittinen of MKM Partners is reporting that that AT&T has nixed plans to bring on Motorola's Sawgrass and Heron later this year as part of its first volley of Android devices because the pair looked "dated." Judging from the shots we have of the Heron, we can't say we necessarily agree -- and that's not the only hole in the story. We broke the news on these two devices earlier this year; the beefier of the two, the Heron, was pictured running Windows Mobile but it was indicated in the slide deck we had that it'd be ported to Android prior to release. Kuittinen indicates that the phones were prototyped with WinMo but would be moved to Android, so everything checks out so far. Here's the problem, though: the Sawgrass ended up becoming the Karma, a phone that is very much released and available on AT&T today -- so there goes the "dated" argument. What's more, it doesn't run Windows Mobile and it never has, even back when it was being pitched in an internal meeting the better part of a year ago. It's possible the dude just has his codenames mixed up here and Moto really had proposed two Android-powered sets to AT&T all along -- and any way you slice it, the Morrison and the Sholes for T-Mobile and Verizon respectively are still the odds-on favorites to be the first Moto Android sets out of the door anyhow. As for AT&T's current Android strategy, well, that remains to be seen.

[Via FierceWireless]

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