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Kurt Cobain digitized in Guitar Hero 5

Justin McElroy

In addition to known quantities "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and a special, previously unreleased live recording of "Lithium," Guitar Hero 5 will also sport the digital doppelganger of deceased grunge pioneer Kurt Cobain, Activision announced today.

When asked for comment, the ghost of Cobain said, "Well, finally! Were I still alive, this is exactly the sort of thing I'd be doing. The people managing my estate and the fine people of Activision know me and my legacy so, so well. You should see me and Johnny Cash up here, we're just like schoolkids, we're so happy and excited all the time. My one regret is that I'm no longer alive, so I can't star in one of those hilarious underwear dancing ads."

Courtesy of Stereogum, we've got additional video of Cobain in the game (with gameplay notes!) after the break.

[Thanks Evan!]

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