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Australia's PS3 Ultimate Blu-ray Movie Kit is only kind of ultimate

The word "Ultimate" really gets thrown around a bit much in retail circles -- for instance, in our minds, the "Ultimate Blu-ray Movie Kit" would possess every Blu-ray movie ever made, a PS3 Slim, a machine that somehow produced delicious sandwiches, and a date with which to watch the aforementioned films. The date would also have to hate sandwiches, because -- hey, hands off, those are our sandwiches.

Sadly, Australia's recently released "PS3 Ultimate Blu-ray Movie Kit" doesn't include any of those things -- rather, the $60 AUD (or $51 U.S.) bundle only comes with a PS3 remote and two films. Both of the two currently available bundles come with 300, but their second films vary -- one includes 10,000 B.C., while the other comes with Batman Begins. If you're having a hard time choosing between the two, then you should probably get out of our sight and never come back.

[Via Engadget]

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