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Analyst: GameStop endangered by digital future

Justin McElroy

Sometimes, we imagine, analysts have to pad their portfolio a bit and make a guess that's pretty much inevitable, if only so they have something to point at and say "See? I nailed that one." Keeping that in mind, we'd like to bring you the following quote from DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole, who told IndustyGamers, "GameStop's very existence will be perilous as digital distribution becomes more prevalent."

So, with no games to sell, the game stores will be in trouble. You know who we bet knows their days are numbered better than anybody? GameStop. Don't you think it would explain a lot? That's why they always want you to pre-purchase games before they're out, because there's no guarantee they'll still exist when it's released. That's why they sell you new games that aren't wrapped or (better yet) used games without a box. They don't care about your repeat business, because when you come back, they'll be a Fashion Bug.

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