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Metroid Prime Trilogy 'damn'-ed by silly censorship


Remember that scene in Legend of Zelda where Link eats Ganondorf's heart to silence the demons haunting the young Hylian about his brutal childhood? No, of course not, that was censored. What about the scene in Pikmin portraying the plant society as being built around fascist ideals and Olimar becoming their goose-stepping overlord? No, 'cause the was censored too. Both of these instances make sense when compared to the removal of the word "damn" from the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

In the video after the break, which appears to be authentic, an innocent "damn" found in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was altered to a "no." We'll be gosh darned if that ain't the most golly gee willikers silly-faced thing we'd ever done seen. We're following up with Nintendo and Retro Studios to find out the reason for the change.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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