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Toshiba TG02 earns WiFi certification, still unclear what it is

Chris Ziegler

The Toshiba TG02's strange path to reality continues to unfold with a fresh Wi-Fi Alliance certification to shove under its belt alongside that FCC approval it earned a few months back. Of course, it wasn't called the TG02 back then -- it was known only by the more cryptic TM5-E01, a phone alleged to be a Windows Mobile clamshell despite the TG01-ish external photos provided with the filing -- but at any rate, it seems that we're talking about the same thing here. There's not a lot of additional detail to go on here, but it's encouraging to see that Toshiba's still hard at work besting its already-awesome first Snapdragon model -- and if it really is a clamshell, that'll be sure to bring out a whole trove of HTC Star Trek fans who've been in hiding for a year or two. [Warning: PDF link]

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