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Warhammer shows off its birthday suit (including Wild Hunt video walkthrough)

Brooke Pilley

Let the celebrations begin! Warhammer Online is about to reach its first anniversary and Mythic is throwing a huge party. You remember those great birthday parties when you were a kid; the ones with all the fun games and phat loot (bags)? They seem to be aiming for something like that with all kinds of games and fun loot being liberally doled out.

First, you have the Wild Hunt (see a video walkthrough after the cut) starting today. This weeklong Live Event introduces RvR PQs, a list of themed tasks, and a special limited time dungeon available in each tier. This will be followed up by a few special scenario weekends, including Mourkain Temple, Gates of Ekrund, and Temple of Isha. All players will receive celebratory items in their mailbox and veteran players (those who have held an active subscription since launch) will receive an extra special treat. Finally, all players will drop goodies like fireworks, exploding stout, and other limited time items.

One year really is a hallmark, and while WAR may have had its ups and downs over the past twelve months like any MMO experiencing growing pains, we'd really like to wish them all the best. Even if you don't have an account, you can probably join in the festivities with a free 10-day trial.

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