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Rock Band Bar Nights encourages sloppy thrashing in watering holes

Darren Murph

There are a few things you should generally avoid whilst inebriated in a bar: saying something offensive to someone larger than you is one, and attempting to play a song with any accuracy is another (see dude on left for proof). Regardless of the facts, MTV Games and Harmonix are looking to capitalize on the raging success that is Rock Band by introducing Rock Band Bar Nights. Said program hooks registered watering holes up with "everything from exclusive Rock Band product offerings to multiplatform marketing support," and venues that sign up will also have access to an exclusive e-commerce store. Finally, those that register prior to September 8th will get a five-song preview disc from The Beatles: Rock Band, giving you serious motivation to get your local pub invested in the initiative. Just be sure to avoid "Expert" after the eighth White Russian, cool?

[Via HotHardware]

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