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Runco rolls out VX-33i, VX-33d projectors for wealthy CEDIA attendees

Steven Kim

Runco has taken a somewhat winding road to attending next week's CEDIA Expo, but the company is coming out guns blazing. Unfortunately for us, though, those are some pricey guns, indeed. Making a debut at the show will be the VX-33i (pictured) and VX-33d projectors -- 3-chip DLP designs that combine 1080p resolution and Runco's own video processing to deliver the goods at really indulgent (larger than 120-inch) screens. The VX-33i has Vivix processing onboard and the VX-33d offloads these duties to the external DHD video processor. Sounds great, right? Well, sorry to say, these beamers aren't going to buck the pricing trend in 3-chip DLP setups -- $50,000 for the VX-33i, $60,000 for the VX-33d put these beyond even our "a guy's gotta dream" category.

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