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Toshiba announces new and improved XDE600KE DVD player


Toshiba may have finally bitten the bullet and announced a Blu-ray player, but it's not about to give up on the XDE DVD upscaling technology borne out of the format war, and it's now rolled out its latest XDE player alongside its Blu counterpart to balance things out a bit. As with the previous XD-E500 model, the new XDE600KE player promises to upscale your DVDs to full 1080p with noticeably better results than a standard upscaler, and give you all the features you'd expect from a non-bargain priced DVD player, including a full complement of outputs, and Toshiba's own Regza Link technology for all your Regza needs. Also new to this model is a USB port, which will let you view pictures, play MP3s and, yes, even DivX movies. No word on a price just yet, but Toshiba says it'll be available sometime this fall -- in Europe, at least. Head on past the break for a few more pics.

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