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BioShock 2's plasmid-packed multiplayer trailer makes a splash


The first look at BioShock 2's multiplayer component in action surfaced this evening on GameTrailers TV. Our rough calculations reveal that the trailer -- which clocks in at just over two minutes in length -- is running at about .5 plasmid attacks per second (PAPS).

It might just be the edit, but the gameplay looks extremely frantic, with several human-controlled players employing the likes of Incinerate, Winter Blast, Telekinesis and a host of other plasmid powers in rapid succession. There are also glimpses at turret-building, what appears to be the first game's Research Camera being used for something and, of course, someone playing as the prototype Big Daddy.

Check out the trailer after the break and let us know that you thought of it in comments. Did it have you enraptured ... or leave you with a sinking feeling?

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