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ESRB: Sing about urine and unprotected sex in SingStar Latino


Looks like Sony is expanding its SingStar library once again with SingStar Latino, an upcoming Spanish-language karaoke collection for PS2 and PS3. The ESRB description reads like a Harlequin novel at times, referencing "tight pants, bikini tops, bra-like tops, shirts/dresses that expose deep cleavage" and even more scandalous -- "touching breasts and crotch, grinding and gyrating hips." Is it getting warm in here?

The ESRB also highlights some lyrics that are simply bizarre when taken out of context. One song seemingly encourages unprotected sex, according to the ESRB's translations: "Y no me hables de sexo seguro" [And don't talk to me about safe sex.] The full song -- Chenoa's "Cuando tu vas" -- is about love over sex.

As for this lyric? "Mi agüita amarilla...Mo ja las ca lles...Y la empie zo a mear." [My little yellow water...It wets the streets...And I start to pee.] We can't even fathom how to explain that one. Watch both music videos after the break.

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