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Silicon Valley company creating AO-only 'SexBox' console


It's been a while since we'd last heard the term "SexBox." Too long, in fact. Thankfully, Silicon Xtal Corporation is bringing it back, recently registering a trademark for the word first brought up surrounding the great Mass Effect sex debacle of 2008. According to the filing, SXC intends on making a video game system "which plays interactive Adult Only rated (AO) video game software titles."

Considering only around 20 AO-rated titles even exist and no major game publisher currently publishes them, we were left wondering what exactly the business model here will be -- that is, until we read the rest of the description. In addition to specializing in AO games, the SexBox will also give users access to "AO content and entertainment in all other digital forms," which in this case means a ton of delivery methods. "Audio, video, HDTV, DVD, online, gaming, social networking, webcams, video on-demand, downloading, movie rentals, purchases ..." and the list goes on. Finally, somewhere to go for all the mature content we can get! Unfortunately, it appears that someone beat them to it.

[Via Siliconera]

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