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Gaikai closed beta coming to Europe first


Cloud computing service Gaikai will be entering closed beta "later this month" in Europe, company head Dave Perry announced earlier today. Perry explains that since "all three founders are European" they've decided to "start [the] closed beta in Europe later this month," and plan on bringing the beta to North America next (you can sign up fairly quickly right here). Perhaps unsurprising, his announcement comes just one week after OnLive, that other cloud computing-based service, opened its own public beta in North America.

IGN recently got its hands on Gaikai and snagged a video (that we've dropped after the break) of the service running through Windows 7 on a new MacBook. It appears to be working just as smoothly as when we last saw it, though now in the hands of an outside party. Our concern comes with the choice of games being demoed here: World of Warcraft and Mario Kart 64, not the most demanding apps we could imagine, especially when OnLive is showing off Crysis.

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