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New WiFi IR emitters from Global Cache´ get us excited about home automation

Ben Drawbaugh

We've written about Global Cache´ before and we're sure anyone who's done a little home automation around the house has ran across them; but with the new iTach line just announced today, we'd bet the a whole lot more of you will get excited about the little company. While emitting IR or controlling an RS-232 device over the LAN is an old trick for this company, the latest line really takes it to the next level. The first thing we noticed was how much smaller the box was -- comes in handy when there isn't much room behind the TV -- but we quickly said who cares when we learned that WiFi was built-in. But even if you already have a network drop behind your TV you'll be happy to hear that the new line also offers PoE. Those two features alone are enough to get us excited, but the fact that an IR learner is now built-in (used to be an extra $75) and the device is no longer limited to a single connection (so you can have up to eight iPod Touch remotes now). Top all that off with a lower starting price, and being user upgradable, and you have our home automation gears working in overdrive.

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