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ZVOX intros 430, 440 soundbars and 525, 575 soundbases

Steven Kim

The limitations of typical crappy built-in TV speakers just can't be overstated, and with the current "thin is the new black" trend in TVs, things aren't likely to get better. ZVOX has introduced two soundbars and two soundbases to its lineup of all-in-one speaker systems that are pretty much guaranteed to make you wonder why you ever put up with your TV's craptastic sound. The 430 ($450) and 440 ($550) soundbars each come in at only 5-inches deep and 5.5-inches high, but pack a trio of 3.25-inch cones along with a 4-inch woofer for the bass. Flanking the speaker/TV stand Z-Base 550 we liked so much are the slightly smaller, $400 Z-Base 525 and the 35-Hertz-reaching, $800 IncrediBase 575 (pictured). Yes, that kind of money could get you a whole HTIB setup -- along with the wires and boxes that shoppers considering an all-in-one are looking to avoid. Hit the links for details.

Read - ZVOX 430, 440 soundbars [Warning - PDF link]
Read - Z-Base 525 soundbase [Warning - PDF link]
Read - IncrediBase 575 soundbase [Warning - PDF link]

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