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We've got a sub for that...


In the UK, iPhone and iPod touch users who are used to hearing Apple's "there's an app for that" tagline in advertisements are now doing a double-take when they go to their nearby Subway sandwich shop.

Sharp-eyed TUAW reader Welby McRoberts was accompanying some buddies to Subway for lunch when he noticed that things seemed a little too familiar. As you can see in the photos from Welby's blog that are also in the gallery below, Subway UK is using the similar phrase "We've got a sub for that" in their in-store signage and on employee shirts.

McRoberts notes that "It appears that subway are imitating Apple's "there's an app for that". It turns out that this campaign has been done by McCann Erickson and is a 'light-hearted' campaign complete with UK TV adverts. The phrase Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery comes to mind."

There's no word on whether this campaign will migrate to any of the other 90 countries with Subway franchisees, or if Apple is going to refer to the fabled iTablet as a "Five-Hundred Dollar Foot Long." Chuck and the CIA should be very happy with this new campaign!

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