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Mad Catz Modern Warfare 2 peripherals break cover, reveal pricing

Vlad Savov

You should already have a pretty good idea of what extra sauce Mad Catz will be bringing to Modern Warfare 2's November 10 release, but here are some up close and personal snaps of the hardware anyway. Monochromatic camo patterns -- all the rage in that war-torn near-future world -- are evident throughout and will cost you a cent under $50 for either of the Xbox 360 or PS3 Combat Controllers, the Combat Keyboard or Sniper Mouse, or a cool hundred for the Elite Keyboard with a blood-red backlight. And if you want to spruce up your current hardware, gamepad faceplates and Xbox 360 Skinz will be available for $15 and $30, respectively. Feeling like a badass comes as a free extra.

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