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Wolfenstein sells 106k units in first week, all bets off


When the NPD released its figures for August, we noticed Wolfenstein was absent from the top-sellers list. Sure, the title was only available for purchase during a few days of August (it released August 21 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC), but one of those versions had to have sold more than Fossil Fighters, which was in tenth place on the sales chart with 92,000 sold, right? Gamespot says, no.

Apparently, id's resurrected shooter only sold 106,000 across all platforms -- 59,000 units on Xbox 360, 30,000 on PS3 and 16,000 on PC. In other words, the PS2 version of Madden alone outsold combined sales of Wolfenstein. Disappointing, for sure, since you must have really been hoping to get your money back.

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