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Iggy Pop goes shirtless for Lego Rock Band


We can't even begin to thank Harmonix for giving us a shirtless version of Iggy Pop that we're not completely revolted by. The guy's really been put through his paces over the years, so it seems only deserving that he should be all gussied up by Lego for upcoming rhythm/music game, Lego Rock Band.

Jeux Video discovered the images, as well as a bit of gameplay with the iconic Stooges frontman. Unfortunately, the one major problem with licensing your likeness to a Lego game persists: You just look like a generic Lego dude! Is that Iggy Pop above? Sure, why not! People that could also be include, but are not limited to, certain versions of Eric Stoltz, and a muscle-bound Edgar Winter.

[Via VG247]

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