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Toyota's plug-in hybrid Prius gets pictured, detailed further

Darren Murph

The future, kids -- we're living in it. Sensationalism aside, we are pretty jazzed to hear that Toyota's long-awaited, much-teased plug-in Prius hybrid will be making its bona fide debut to the public next week. The image above is expected to be near-final, though we're reserving judgment until we see if the actual model on stage is plastered with 80s era stick-on graphics. Of note, the Hybrid Synergy Drive system has been upgraded for this whip, enabling it to slowly rocket from 0 to 62 without using a drop of gasoline. Once there, it can cruise for up to 12.5 miles in electric mode, and should you need to juice it back up, it'll take 1.5 hours when charged from a 230V source. Further details are expected to flow as Frankfurt heats up, though the whole "not shipping to retail until 2012" kind of puts a damper on our excitement.

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