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Free Battleswarm beta keys for you to join the fray

We've heard a lot of people asking for details on MMOFPS games, and for more indie titles. As such, when we got an offer of 5,000 beta keys for Battleswarm: Field of Honor, we couldn't resist snapping them up for our readers. Yes, indeed, you read that right - we have five thousand beta keys for this new MMO/FPS/RTS hybrid game. Sounds interesting? We thought so too.

The idea is this - if you want to play on the FPS side, roll a human. If you want to play on the RTS side, roll a "bug." Then you'll be able to battle with/against other players in a massive online world. Between the interesting mechanics, the fact that Nolan Bushnell is involved in this project, and the ever-awesome pricetag of "free", we are so there. If it sounds like something you'd enjoy trying out, head on over to our beta code server and pick up your very own shiny Battleswarm: Field of Honor beta key!

For instructions on how to redeem your code, join us after the break!

To redeem your beta key, point your browser at

  • Enter your registration key
  • Create Your Battleswarm Login
  • Create your MetaTIX Account
  • Click the "Confirm" link in the email you receive
  • Download the game by clicking the download link in the confirmation email or off the website's download section when you are logged in
  • Profit! (Well, in terms of free gaming, anyway.)

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