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Rumor: Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Nier Replicant bound for PS3


Square Enix frequently releases "International" versions of its Final Fantasy games in Japan -- they're basically the Western versions of the games with some extra cutscenes and whatnot to encourage double-dipping among the rapt Japanese audience. According to this Famitsu scan, the publisher is going to try the same thing with Star Ocean: The Last Hope, turning the once 360-exclusive game into a multiplatform release in the process. The scan states that Star Ocean: The Last Hope International will be released on PS3 on February 4 of next year. Siliconera says that it will include both English and Japanese voice acting.

Another scan reveals that Nier Replicant, the mysterious other Nier game revealed next week, will also be a PS3 release. We're awaiting confirmation from Square Enix.

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