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Games for Windows certification streamlined for Windows 7 launch


You'd think that owning and operating the world's most ubiquitous operating system would make Microsoft popular with PC game publishers, that they'd be jumping at the chance to have the company's 'Games for Windows' nomenclature. For the software giant, this hasn't been the case so far, with major publishers like EA and Valve sticking with their own distribution services for PC gaming. Microsoft hopes to change that with its recent announcement of a streamlined approval process for GFW-labeled games, just in time for the launch of Windows 7 -- the "Games for Windows Self Certification Site."

By opening up a website that advertises the various marketing benefits of bringing titles to the GFW label, it appears that Microsoft is putting forth at least a minimal effort to keep its PC gaming business running. We've reached out to Microsoft for more information on the new self certification process and will update this post when we know more.

[Via Big Download]

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